Digital Advertising

Targeted digital advertising allows us to serve ads that deliver your message to a targeted and specific audience based on the online and offline behavior and preferences of the individual.

The best part? With digital marketing, reporting on the campaign’s success has never been easier, which means you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your advertising dollars . Check out the information below on targeting tactics and some of our more popular campaigns.

Search Retargeting

As users perform searches across the web, we collect data associated with those searches. Based on the keywords they have searched, we show your ad to those who have performed searches related to your product or service.

Site Retargeting

Users visit your website. Unfortunately 97% of site visitors will leave without taking action. We show them your ad as they browse the internet and remind them of your brand and to come back when they are ready to take an action.

Contextual Targeting

As users browse the web, consuming content, we collect data associated with that content. Based on the keywords and/or the categories of the content, we show your ad to those who are reading about topics relevant to your brand.

Geofencing & Event Targeting

We can capture mobile location data and target people based on locations you specify. We can also use that same mobile location data to target people who attend specific events, and serve ads for up to 30 days after the event has ended.

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