How Facebook Live Can Increase Page Engagement

Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast videos in real-time to reach your audience, whether it’s for yourself or on behalf of your brand or business.

Curious about what it can do for you? Here’s how it can be a great tool for increasing engagement with your Facebook page.

Write a Great Description of Your Facebook Live Video

When people scroll through their news feed, the description is the first thing they’ll see when your post pops up. You want this part to be exciting enough for them to check out your video and engage during the broadcast.

Keep it short and sweet: describe what you’ll be doing and generate interest without giving anything away.

It’s a good idea to include some kind of call to action, like “join me live now” after one or two compelling descriptive sentences.

Interact With Viewers While Live

One of the most valuable features of Facebook Live is the ability to interact with the audience as you broadcast. This means you can answer questions and actively engage your viewers, so they are motivated to keep watching.

By responding to comments in real time, you create a personal relationship with existing and potential customers. Ultimately, people want to feel that a brand or business cares about them. This is a great way to create that experience.

If possible, have someone else helping reply to comments from a desktop location.

An added bonus: the more your viewers engage with your post, the ranking is increased in Facebook news feeds!

Invite your audience to subscribe to notifications about your Facebook Live videos and to like your page intermittently. You might take the opportunity to do this if there is a natural pause or when responding to someone who likes what they see.

Tips for Successful Facebook Live Posts

  • Facebook Live broadcasts can be up to 90 minutes in length, but remember that not all viewers will be joining right when you start or staying tuned for the entire length of your post.

  • It’s important to introduce yourself and your business multiple times throughout the broadcast so that everyone has a chance to get to know you regardless of when they join. Continue providing relevant, engaging content and interacting with viewers when you can.

  • Be prepared, but don’t be too nervous about messing up. Viewers understand that these videos are live and the organic nature of a post is actually what makes it so fun!

Take Advantage of Facebook Analytics

Just like any video you post, Facebook allows you to see information about who’s been watching. Looking into where, when, and how long members of your audience were paying attention (as well as who they are) helps you understand how to better engage them with your page in general. It also makes it easier to target your advertising efforts when you know what will be most effective.

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We’re here to help if you’d like to find out more about leveraging tools like Facebook Live to grow your audience. Always feel free to contact us for more information on how you can effectively promote your organization!


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